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We are driven by Passion for Outdoor lifestyle and a Spirit of Adventure

We are fueled by enthusiasm for outdoor events and our sales team is passionate about satisfying our customers. We sell portable pulling tools and we focus on selling our products in the commercial markets. Our products are for off-road use, where user can have a seamless and wonder experience. We create new products for fun and to ensure security of lives and properties. Our products are mainly for commercial purposes.

We work with parts manufacturers on our in-house builds that we test at industry events. These are not show or racing vehicles, these rigs are built purposely for the real world. We make use of these builds to offer you trial-tested feedback and review products for our manufacturers. No other company in the adventure or off-road company match our commitment. It’s time-consuming and challenging. However, it’s what sets us apart among the rest.

Zeak Inc. works hard to guarantee that the products we sell are the products that our customers need. We design and build quality products. You won’t find this kind of off-road products anywhere else. Whatever your off-road journey or adventure is, we will help you get there, have fun and stay there.

Quality Winch Products

Zeak Inc. provides a wide range of quality hydraulic and electric winches for industrial and commercials applications that will get the job done. Whatever the heavy-duty application you need our products for, whether at the front of a military vehicle or at the back of a tow truck. We have got you covered. When it’s time to get the job done, we are your go-to company.

Zeak Inc. has a creative list of off-road equipment and utility winches that let both the amateur and professional accomplish a wide range of tasks e ectively. From fence stretching and trailer loading to construction projects, our products are easy-to-use and will provide solutions to your business problems.

Durable and Reliable Electric Winches

With many years of experience in the off-road industry, Zeak Inc., which is a representative name of electric winches, has gotten an excellent support from many users of our products. The electrical rope winch has been used by many construction industries.

Built of steel construction and rugged cast iron, Zeak Inc. winches are reliable and durable. They are suitable for work in extreme environments and are trusted worldwide by miners, heavy construction crews and offshore workers. Our electric winches are designed to meet safety standards around the world and include features that will ensure the safety of workers. We have hydraulic and electric drives models for lifting both workers and material. We have the winch you need for any onshore or offshore application.